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Joe Biden Says Hello

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 25th August, 2008

Today I had an email from the US Democrat vice-presidential candidate, Joe Biden. Of course, millions of other people both in the United States and around the world will have received it too — which makes it even more extraordinary. Howard Dean, former presidential hopeful and now Chairman of the Democratic Party was the first to do this. Indeed, I still get regular emails ‘from’ him and various other Democat worthies. What is so striking — and worth copying by the Liberal Democrats, if the party is going to be a party interested in power, rather than permanently in third place — is the speed, efficiency and accessibility of all this material that goes out. Not stodgy press releases or drearily-formatted messages to supporters, but snappy, visually-attractive stuff with video clips inserted into the text. With such technology and the nouse to use it, a party deserves to win. Without both, a party might be condemed to lose. Mark Pack at Cowley Street has already started the LibDems down the right path, but far more resources are needed to take it further and faster.

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