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Resign again, David Davis!

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 12th August, 2008

Over recent months, the Labour government has been tightening up the surveillance society in which Britons live. At the beginning their excuse was that this was to protect us all from terrorism. But with government encouragement, local authorities are now using surveillance techniques to snoop on people for a whole range of matters that have nothing whatsoever to do with security. And now the Conservative Party has announced that if it gets into office after the next general election, it will increase police powers to conduct surveillance operations against citizens suspected of non-terrorist offences. So much for their supposed support for civil liberties!

The Tories now say they want the police to have the automatic right to use covert video and listening devices, regardless of the seriousness of the suspected offence. As the LibDem Home Affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne, has rightly said, ‘the Conservatives’ dalliance with liberalism is as dead as a dodo.’

The Conservative MP David Davis recently resigned his seat, to be sucessfully re-elected on a platform of defending civil liberties against the Labour onslaught. Well, Mr Davis, if you are an honourable man, you had better resign your seat again, to defend civil liberties against your own party!

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