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Which Label Will David Davis Fight Under?

Posted by jonathanfryer on Thursday, 12th June, 2008

David Davis could hardly have caused more astonishment in the Westminster village had he stood up in the House of Commons debating chamber and taken all his clothes off. Many senior Tories are seething at his decision to cause this ‘unnecessary’ by-election, but they will be obliged to fall in behind him during the campaign. Nick Clegg, meanwhile, has announced that the Liberal Democrats will not put up a candidate against him — a decision which has been endorsed by party president Simon Hughes and other senior party figures, both nationally and regionally. But one detail needs answering before one can be entirely comfortable with that decision: exactly what label is Mr Davis going to use in his campaign and on the ballot paper? If it is ‘Stand Up against 42 Days’, or something similar, all well and good. But if it is ‘Conservative and Unionist Party’, or something similar, then I worry. A straight Tory-Labour fight would disenfranchise LibDem voters in Haltemprtice and Howden. Even worse, it would allow the Conservative Party to lay claim to the ground of civil liberties, which is natural LibDem territory. So I hope Nick and Co will get a firm assurance on this point befor they sign on the dotted line!


2 Responses to “Which Label Will David Davis Fight Under?”

  1. James King said


    It doesn’t matter what label David Davis uses, we all know he is a Tory. By agreeing not to stand against him, we are indulging a Tory in spending taxpayers money on a pointless exercise. It will achieve nothing on 42 days or anything else we stand for as Liberal Democrats. David Davis has chosen to trigger a byelection so we should use the opportunity to offer the voters of Haltemprice and Howden a better representative.

    This is one of the worse decisions I can remember from a Liberal Democrat leader and I can only see us losing out from it.


  2. Linda Jack said

    Totally agree with you Jonathan.

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