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Greenwich Brain Teaser

Posted by jonathanfryer on Saturday, 16th February, 2008

Greenwich LibDems tonight hosted quite the most surreal quiz I have ever attended. Apart from the fact that we would have needed to stay around until after midnight to get through all the scheduled rounds, the questions themselves were quirky and obscure, with two leitmotifs: numbers and sex. Even if our brains were like spaghetti by the half-way point, at least we all had a lot of fun. And prizes were distributed after every round, not to mention the copious raffle booty. So just about everyone left laden with goodies. I departed with enough body lotion to see out my mortal coil, a box of smarties and four blackcurrant muffins.

What is it about the British and quizes? They are not just the mainstay of many political fundraisers; they pack in the punters in pubs up and down the country. It’s not as if we’re all trying to be Mastermind, as knowing the answers to many of these brainteasers is often a matter of luck. But hats off to Anthony, who organised this evening’s marathon — in which one correct answer was to leave it blank!


2 Responses to “Greenwich Brain Teaser”

  1. Robin Young said

    We don’t do Smarties or blackcurrant muffins, Jonathan, but we do have Camden’s Quiz Challenge (now in its fourth or fifth year I think)coming up on Sunday March 9th at the Queen’s Crescent Community Centre, Ashdown Crescent (off Queen’s Crescent between Malden and Grafton Roads), NW5. Its scheduled to run from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. The original idea is that teams from Camden’s wards do battle – but we are also inviting teams (ward based, scratch or whatever) from neighbouring boroughs. The added attraction is a fish ‘n’ chip supper with fish from the Blue Seas shop where Cllr Jill Fraser (former parliamentary candidate and Camden mayor) helps serve up some of the best fish ‘n’ chips in London – with choice of cod, skate, haddock, plaice…; or chicken, sausage, saveloy or veggie burgers as alternatives. Questions are set by Jill’s fiendishly minded husband Jim. Tickets are £12 (£8 for students) to include quiz entry and supper, and contacts are Laura Noel or myself, Robin Young on 020 7323 1588 or We’d be delighted to hear from anyone (team or individual) brave enough to accept the challenge.

  2. Jonathan Fryer said

    Thanks, Robin — I am already booked to come and look forward to seeing others there!

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