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Treaty Boost for Expanding EU

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 21st January, 2008

A group of us who are members of the Coalition for the Reform Treaty have a letter in the Guardian today, timed to coincide with the beginning of the House of Commons debate on the Lisbon Treaty. As the letter says, ratification of the treaty will be good for Britain and for Europe. ‘The global challenges of the 21st century of climate change, international terrorism, migration and globalisation require efficent policy-making at EU level,’ we declare. ‘The reform treaty will ensure the union is adequately prepared to meet this agenda, so that in future it can deliver on the growing social and political expectations and concerns of its citizens.’

It is gratifying that right opposite the letter, the Guardian’s main leader article echoes much of what we are saying. In what is one of the most overt declarations in support of closer European cooperation that I have ever seen in a mainstream British newspaper, the piece rousingly concludes, ‘We need the Lisbon treaty because, more than ever, we need the 21st century European Union that it promises and that has evolved under long perssure from Britain and others. The government should not aim for public acquiescence on the EU but for public confidence and enthusiasm for the direction in which it is at last heading.’


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