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Islington Bank Holiday

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 27th August, 2007

duchess-of-kent.jpgOn Bank Holiday Monday, normal people take their kids to Alton Towers, watch a match, go to the beach or just flop around at home. But LibDem activists deliver! In fact, Islington LibDems held an action day today that pulled in such a good group of people that we polished off the whole of Holloway Ward in the morning and those who had both the time and the energy to continue in the afternoon went out surveying.

In between there was a very pleasant sit-down lunch at the Duchess of Kent gastropub on the corner of Liverpool Road and Ellington Street. One of the reasons Islington does get the helpers out is that there is usually a social element — a drink or a meal — involved at some local hostelry at some stage in the proceedings. And of course, it helps having the impetus in Islington South and Finsbury constituency of wanting to make sure Bridget Fox gets in next time. She missed it by a whisker in 2005 — and I know just how painful that is!



4 Responses to “Islington Bank Holiday”

  1. Thanks so much for coming – it was a really good day and we ended up covering waste swathes of the area with surveying in the sun.

    More action days to come … :o)

  2. I think Dominic means vast swathes not waste swathes…

  3. bridgetfox said

    Come next time Duncan and see for yourself!!

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