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Posted by jonathanfryer on Sunday, 15th July, 2007

bakhai-hughes-ealing-byelection.jpgMid-July is usually the time when the political silly season starts in Britain. But not this year. We have not just one but two parliamentary by-elections looming on Thursday, and some of the things going on in Ealing Southall are tragedy posing as farce — for both the Conservatives and Labour. I’ve no idea what the final result will be (a lot will depend on the efficiency of the operation on polling day), but I’ll be amazed if the LibDem share of the vote does not go up substantially in Southall — and similarly in Sedgefield. No matter how much the Tory media and Labour spin-doctors try to rubbish the LibDems’ chances, the mood among party activists is upbeat — hence the tremendous turnout of helpers in Ealing, in particular. I’ve been at a fair number of LibDem social events around London in recent weeks, too, and similarly people there are motivated and there is an encouraging number of young people coming forward to get involved.

In fact, as I wend my political way across London, I sense that familiar collective condition of ‘by-electionitis’. Not just in Ealing Southall, but at the local government level as well, in Camden (where Haverstock ward fell comfortably last Thursday) and in other boroughs. Moreover, there is going to be no let up in the near future, with a number of contests now looming in several local authorities, including my home territory of Tower Hamlets on August 9. Whoever said that 2007 was going to be a quiet year for the LibDems in London, or the summer a season of idleness?

2 Responses to “By-electionitis”

  1. Mr. A Mohamed said

    I would like to congratulate Mr. Matt for succeeded in Haverstock by election but Lib Dem must understanding our youth generation and helping them when they are still in early school years. They need extra curriculum support and see the need for a huge culture change as society has become more displaced in terms of family values general moral and social value etiquette has been taken over by the criminally minded yob culture.

    Its seems to me that many youths have little parental oversight and are too easily influenced by gang culture and glamorized violence in fashionable culture; that a growing number of offenders appear to be younger, and their crimes more violent, and the laws in must be strengthen if any, tough penalties on juvenile offenders and humiliation attached to it . Lib Dem must bring their attention that disadvantage groups have no voices within local and regional authority and this is clearly reflecting in our youth in main stream society from cross cultures.

    Mr. Matt should win heart and mind our disadvantages youth groups in order not to radicalism by criminally gangster and extremist this will be long term strategy to improve quality, decent homes for all society and fight inequality within Camden Borough. Lib Dem Must listen, support small business within local and regional and review how parking enforcement affecting local business within Camden borough in term of revenue.

    Lib Dem also need to create an agenda policy implemented in restricting the very ethos of societies value pinpointing – family values the value of education re-urban development and regeneration better facilities for overall emphasis on communities – getting rid of pocket minority organization and funding keying one branch network creating an umbrella where there is interaction through out all levels.

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