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Winning with Julia

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 18th June, 2007

jf-with-julia-goldsworthy.jpgJulia Goldsworthy, MP for Falmouth and Camborne, was the guest speaker at last night’s Blackheath Supper Club, talking about how to win from third place — a message that is particularly relevant to Chris Maines, my successor as LibDem parliamentary candidate for Orpington, who is now gearing up to tackle Lewisham East. Julia had been warned by sceptics that F&C was a hopeless case (despite the fact that it was her home area), and deliciously proved them wrong. But as those present at the (Mexican) dinner discovered, she is not just a feisty Cornish lass, but also a smart cookie when it comes to Treasury matters. She confirmed my suspicion that Prime Minister’s Question Time promises to be interesting once Gordon Brown takes over. Anyone care to wager how many weeks it will be before he loses his rag?

Significantly, on the issue of the euro, Julia opined that even if the British economy has been cruising along alright for a while outside, the euro has basically been a huge success. Once more we may have missed the bus, and although this may not be the moment to be running after it, we may live to rue the day.



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