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Wimbledon Goes Green

Posted by jonathanfryer on Thursday, 17th May, 2007

norman-baker.jpgMerton LibDems put on a well-attended public meeting on climate change in South Wimbledon this evening. The Party’s Environment spokesman, Chris Huhne, had been syphoned off at short notice to appear on ‘Question Time’, but his place was ably filled by his predecessor in charge of that portfolio, Norman ‘Parliamentary Questions’ Baker, MP for Lewes. Norman characteristically fizzed with enthusiasm and outrage, and pulled no punches. At one stage he referred to George W. Bush as a ‘climate criminal’, who deserves some appropriate punishment (being dropped onto an iceberg with the world’s last surviving polar bear, I mused), but he demonstrated his even-handedness by paying credit to what California and the north-western states of the US have been doing on green issues. However, Norman thundered, ‘the response of Western governments [to climate change] over the past 10 years has been pitiful.’

Bio-diversity has taken a terrible setback. ‘Conservationists tell me that we’re probably losing a species every 45 minutes,’ he said. At present, only about three to four per cent of our energy comes from renewable resources. Had Tony Blair or Gordon Brown been in the meeting hall this evening, I suspect he would have felt like a naughty schoolboy hauled before the headmaster for a dressing-down. Moreover, one could almost hear the applause from the residents across South West London when Norman declared that LibDems want to see no more aviation capacity, especially in South East England. ‘Get the train!’ was the message, in situations where that is feasible. And with that the effervescent MP hurried along to the tube, to be fresh tomorrow for the House of Commons, where he will once again take up the cudgels to try to prevent an appalling (Tory) private member’s bill, which aims to exempt parliament from Freedom of Information requirements. 

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