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Fuelling Kuwait’s Development

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 8th May, 2007

kuwait-oil-company.jpgThis morning, I called round at one of my publishers’, Stacey International, to collect an advance copy of my latest book: Fuelling Kuwait’s Development, which is a history of Kuwait and its oil company, with over 300 illustrations. The project had me commuting back and forth to the Gulf for two years and wading through mountainous archives (including 50,000 photos!), which were fortunately not destroyed by the Iraqis during their 1990-1991 occupation, unlike the KOC headquarters. I don’t have the slightest paternal instincts, so I have never regretted not having a family. But my books are my ‘babies’ and giving birth to them is often a painful process!

Stacey International is the eponymous publishing house of former foreign correspondent Tom Stacey, who has written several books himself. The building is one of those private residences that one is amazed to discover still exist in London, as it seems to be a leftover from an earlier, more elegant age. The garden is as astonishing as the house itself (which has ample room for the publishing business) — and all this on Kensington Church Street, just a few doors down from the artist Lucian Freud’s. Tom has on several occasions generously given both home and garden over to English PEN for its summer parties and his (Tory-dominated) election night events are legendary.

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